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Western Digital introduces new features to ActiveScale

Western Digital has introduced new features with its ActiveScale object storage 5.1 Release that facilitates a data forever architecture. Companies looking to increase their competitiveness are gaining valuable insights from massive amounts of data over longer time periods. ActiveScale 5.1 helps customers implement a Data Forever strategy with seamless scalability of up to 52 petabytes and extreme data durability required for long-term data storage.


“ActiveScale changes the fundamental economics of data by delivering capacity that is designed to be future proof for dramatically lower TCO,” said Phil Bullinger, General Manager, Data Center Systems Business Unit, Western Digital. “The new architecture enables data center managers to easily transition to new storage capacities and ActiveScale hardware releases. And, with its Dynamic Data Placement capabilities, and simple and flexible capacity scaling features, ActiveScale eliminates hot spot problems of competing architectures, while pushing new boundaries in terms of storage operating and capital cost efficiency and effectiveness.”


Enterprises need seamless scaling and data integrity that ActiveScale provides with its new features and architecture for customers to economically store, protect and access petabytes of data over multiple generations of storage systems. New components of the ActiveScale architecture include:


* Dynamic Data Placement – to enable easy, non-disruptive upgrades and additional capacity in a single namespace without sacrifice to performance or data durability without rebalancing. This allows customers to easily integrate new generations of storage to leverage the latest improvements in TCO.


* Variable storage capacity – to ensure seamless data durability and scaling within and across systems with different capacities so that customers can scale and upgrade their hardware across drive and system generations.


* Seamless ability to scale capacity up and out in a single global namespace – to make growing capacity beyond a single rack or data center simple.


* Versioning of objects – for additional data durability to support simple recovery of data from user error or cyber threats.



* Improved erasure coding performance – to provide higher performance for improved productivity.


ActiveScale’s new architecture with the latest Dynamic Data Placement technology, erasure coding updates, scaling and versioning features are included in the ActiveScale 5.1 release, available immediately.