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WinMagic SecureDoc 7.5 provides full drive encryption for endpoint devices



WinMagic has announced the launch of SecureDoc 7.5, which provides full drive encryption for endpoint devices. This latest release includes several significant new features, updates and performance upgrades, all designed to improve customers’ SecureDoc experience.“SecureDoc 7.5 isn't an overhaul of our product fundamentals. Rather, it is a refinement and enhancement of the core features and functionality, designed to improve our customers' experience,” says Simon Hunt, CTO and EVP, WinMagic.


SecureDoc is WinMagic's comprehensive drive encryption product that secures data-at-rest. The solution has two main components: the client software used to encrypt and decrypt data, and the server software. The client software uses a FIPS 140-2 level 1 and level 2 certified AES 256-bit cryptographic engines to encrypt data on desktops, laptops, shared workstations, and external storage devices such as USB keys, CD/DVDs, and SD cards. The SecureDoc client software also provides encryption capabilities on multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux via SecureDoc OSA). Add in the power of SecureDoc CloudVM or CloudSync solutions, and customers can take advantage of one of the most comprehensive and unified data protection solutions on the market.


Some of the most significant new features and improvements contained in the SecureDoc 7.5 release include:


• Support for Microsoft Device Guard (OS) and Credential Guard

• Feature expansion and improvements to WinMagic’s next level management for Apple’s FileVault2 and Microsoft BitLocker, including a new Tamper Protection for BitLocker, to enforce local controls

• General availability for SecureDoc File Encryption (SFE), WinMagic’s file and folder encryption solution

• Web browser support at pre-boot for corporate password reset websites – Identity Management (IDM)

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