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Mobiistar has conducted retailer engagement meets for its outstanding retailers and appreciated their efforts towards the brand. Over 8000 retailers w...Read more..

ACER has announced the further expansion of its retail presence in Kolkata with the inauguration of its second exclusive Acer store. The store is loca...Read more..

BenQ ZOWIE in collaboration with Forerun Computers has opened India’s first ZOWIE Experience zone in Cochin. ZOWIE Experience zone is a part of...Read more..

ASUS India has announced the launch of its new store in Ghaziabad, India. The new ASUS Exclusive Store is set to host an extensive range of electronic...Read more..

Kissht has announced its partnership with Vijay Sales, Mumbai’s leading electronic superstores in its series of strategic expansions.  ...Read more..

To make the check and balances strong in the country and to address the continuing crackdown of companies "fly by night and dummy” entities...Read more..

Bharti Airtel has announced the launch of the 100th Next-Gen Airtel store in India, with the opening of the new format store at Park Street in Kolkata...Read more..

Phixman has opened its first store in Sikkim and plans to open one more soon. The New- Delhi based startup, which was founded in 2013, is a on a spree...Read more..

Falabella Corporate Services India, South America’s largest integrated retailer, has tied up with ThoughtWorks India to fast-track the ecommerce...Read more..