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72% of the surveyed SMEs have not heard of invoice matching: Tally

Tally Solutions has announced the results of a study conducted among SME business owners on GST preparedness.
More than 750 business owners participated in the study and the results indicate that there is a fair distance to traverse before India Inc. becomes GST-ready. Some of the highlights of the survey include:
• 66% respondents have not adopted a software for GST yet.
• 72% have not heard of invoice matching (one of the fundamentals of GST).
• The 40% figure on lack of GST awareness further drives home this state.
Speaking on how Tally has solved for some of the problem statements that have emerged, Tejas Goenka, Executive Director, Tally Solutions, said, “While the survey has definitely raised some key issues which need to be dealt with, we, at Tally, are happy that we have already provided some solutions. On the education front, our exclusive GST awareness blog ( has been in the running for almost a year now. We launched our GST-ready software more than three weeks back which promises ease-of-use and simplicity like all our earlier products and GST billing from Day 1. It has already been downloaded more than 1.5 million times. For those businesses which haven’t automated yet, we have partnered with CAIT and Acer India to bring Biz Guru, a one-stop plug-and-play solution for accounting and GST which couples Acer’s hardware and pre-installed GST-ready Tally.ERP 9. We are committed to helping businesses across the country to be GST-compliant.”