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By VARINDIA    2016-08-26

ABB, Green employs HP Servers

ABB and Green of Switzerland have opened latter's new Zurich-West data center expansion based on direct current (DC) technology. Green's facility, which employs HVDC-capable HP servers, is said to be the most powerful application of DC in a data center to date. Performance tests showed that Green's new power distribution system is 10 percent more efficient than for comparable alternating current (AC) technology. In addition, investment costs for the system were 15 percent lower than for an AC system.


Tarak Mehta, Head, Low Voltage Products division, ABB said, "Across all our business areas, customers are asking for improved reliability and energy efficiency, and DC power is an effective solution. Zurich West will serve as a global showcase to demonstrate that DC is a complementary technology in data centers as it enhances reliability while minimizing footprint, installation and maintenance costs."


Franz Grueter, CEO, Green said, "The implementation of 380 volt DC technology in our data center is part of our long-term energy optimization strategy, a big step that has set a new standard in the industry. When fully loaded, the system will result in energy savings of up to 20 percent in power consumption from grid to chip and in cooling."


Ron Noblett, VP, Infrastructure & Storage, HP said, "Green was looking for an IT partner that could provide HVDC-enabled IT solutions to meet its specific data-center needs. At the heart of HP's Converged Infrastructure strategy is our commitment to develop new energy-saving technologies that can lower data-center capital costs, as well as ongoing operations costs and complexity."