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ASIRT hosts SEQRITE for Enterprise Security

The Association of System Integrators and Retailers in Technology (ASIRT) hosted their monthly Techday for August recently in Mumbai. The lead sponsor partner for the evening was SEQRITE, an enterprise security brand from Quick Heal. The event also hosted Success Mentor and Strategy & Brand Consulting Expert, Basesh Gala, who shared insightful tips on the secret of successful marketing and business strategy.


The event started with a detailed presentation by Jyotish Werulkar, Country Manager, Enterprise Sales for SEQRITE. The Enterprise Security Brand from Quick Heal Technologies, SEQRITE offered an innovative and simplistic approach to cybersecurity, based on intelligent analysis of potential threats. Additionally, SEQRITE also offered critical services to businesses, which include Encryption – robust encryption of business data for optimal security, Comprehensive network security solutions for enterprises and MDM for mobile productivity without boundaries.


Speaking about their choice of ASIRT as a platform and sharing details of other value-added offerings from SEQRITE, Werulkar said, “We are a purely partner-driven company and 100% of our sales come through SI’s and IT partners. ASIRT is, thus, an important platform for us in the Mumbai region and we are proudly associated with ASIRT since its inception. Apart from our products, we also focus strongly on services like security Audits, etc, which are helpful for partners to add value and retain their customer loyalty.”


The next highlight of the evening was an inspiring talk on Business Growth and Success by the renowned Marketing and Brand consulting expert, Basesh Gala. During his session at ASIRT, Basesh shared an insightful five-point process on growth and significance of effective marketing strategy which included -


  1. The Positioning of Your Business – understanding the value add your business provides


  1. The Law of Competition – Specifically defining the target audience, by understanding that there can only be 3-5 brands at the top of the pyramid


  1. Importance of Marketing Communication – understanding that consistent communication is the key to effective marketing


  1. Clarity of Vision – Ensure there is a clear awareness of common vision, communication, and coordination among all the employees, driven by the management


  1. Consistency – Ensure there is a consistent effort and focus on growth



This was followed by an open interactive session where member-partners were able to get inputs and advice on specific challenges they face in their IT business. The session left the audience motivated and cheerful, ending the evening on a light and hopeful note.

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