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ASUS opens its Exclusive Service Centres in Odisha and Assam



ASUS has inaugurated its first Exclusive Service Centres (ESCs) in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, and Ulubari, Guwahati, Assam.


Odisha and Assam are amongst the strongest markets for ASUS and Zenfone has received a good response from consumers. The recently-launched Zenfone 3 Max series has gained maximum traction in the markets. With a view to enhancing user experience and drive consumer delight, ASUS has launched the Exclusive Service Centres.


Located in Shaheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar, and Ulubari, Assam, the ESCs are easily accessible and will provide timely and efficient services to consumers, allowing them to experience ASUS products for longer durations. The Bhubaneswar and Ulubari centres will have manpower of 7 and 5–7 employees, respectively to assist customers, thus ensuring quality support and individual attention to each user. The ASUS ESCs will cater to a wide range of ASUS products ranging from smartphones, Notebooks, Tabs, Desktops, All-in-ones, Motherboards and VGAs, ensuring that consumers using products from different portfolios are engaged with. The Bhubaneswar and Ulubari centres span over 800 sq. ft. and 1,000 sq. ft. in area respectively, providing sufficient space to the visiting customers and giving them the opportunity to resolve their service queries in a convenient fashion.


ASUS has been steadily expanding the presence of its service centres in metropolitan cities and Tier-II & -III markets alike. We have 200 active service centres and 12 (including Bhubaneswar and Assam) exclusive service centres all over India. Also, we offer easily PUR (pickup and return) services for customer’s convenience by contact on the toll-free number – 1800 209 0365.


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