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Data is at the core of every innovation taking place in Dell 

Srihari Palangala
Director and Head of Marketing - DellEMC India

“The role of marketing professionals has experienced significant change over the last couple of years due to the consumerization of technology. Large volumes of data is being created, distributed and tracked; also there has been the rise of digital media which brings in a new dimension to consumer outreach. 

Our ongoing transformation revolves around three avenues – Messaging, How we deliver our message and Driving the impact on business.

Some of the best practices that we have adopted to achieve current goals include: -
•    Driving Engagement: As marketers, our marketing channels and tactics focus on participation and driving those two-way conversations with prospects. 

•    Bring customer voices into conversations: It is important to make the messages “REAL” for our prospects. We pride ourselves in offering the 'Best of Breed' products and solutions and always make technology conversations real by actively bringing customer references and cases forward to strengthen our position.

•    Co-Marketing initiatives: Selecting the right choice of partners is always on the top of our list. We open up conversation avenues, show broader solution potential and drive that impact of technology on the business when we partner with other technology providers.”

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