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Digital India paving the way for the Growth of Partners

The Digital India program has been launched to prepare India for the knowledge future. The program leverages technology to empower its citizens, transforming society and economy. It is aimed at making information available to citizens through all the channels securely. 


Digital India is such an initiative that has inspired every organization whether small or large to transform digitally. It has the potential to transform India from a developing to a developed nation. It is projected that this initiative has potential to increase 23-30% of GDP by 2025.


The basic of transforming a nation digitally is through a robust IT infrastructure. A strong and quality IT infrastructure can lead this initiative on the road to success. Due to this initiative many opportunities are opening up. The Digital India initiative has influenced to build a strong broadband connectivity across the nation. Not only this, it has also opened up opportunities like identity solutions, payment systems, web delivery structure. 


These days data is an important aspect and as this initiative is for the betterment of citizens, a lot of data is easily available. So keeping the recent threat landscape in mind, people should be aware of cyber security which is also a critical piece of Digital India program. Cyber security framework should be embedded into the design and it is applicable for both large and small organizations. Apart from these there are various kinds of opportunities like Cloud, Video Analytics, Fintech Solutions, IOT and machine-to-machine solutions, Smart Learning Solutions etc.               


All these are opening opportunities for the IT solution partners of the nation. With more and more organizations transforming themselves digitally, the need of the IT infrastructure is also growing and this widening the opportunity for solution partners. 


Partners are also aligning their business strategy with Digital India initiative. We have garnered the views of few solution partners to understand how Digital India initiative has opened opportunities for them and helped them to made their way to growth trajectory.     


Lux Rao
Director & Head – Solutions, Dimension Data India

“In terms of Digital India there are several opportunities that have opened up. It is providing an opportunity to build the broadband infrastructure for the country. We are actually becoming a digital native nation which means majority of our population is digitally savvy. It opens up plenty of opportunities by way of identity solutions, payment systems, web delivery structure etc. We are hearing a lot about some of the technology advancements that are riding on top of digital infrastructure. 

It is an exciting time for IT fraternity because Digital India is providing an entire platform for delivering services easily. 

One thing we have to keep in mind that with such enormous amount of data being available of the citizens, one of the things that we need to be cognizant of is cyber security. It is a critical piece that needs to be taken seriously. As part of the defence, security should be embedded in the design itself. It is applicable for every organization small or large because data is extremely attractive for hackers. 

There are multiple benefits in digital transformation. Healthcare has gained significantly from digital revolution. Smart Cities is a part of Digital India mission and it will enable the citizens. I believe smart cities will enhance citizen’s life, technology makes smart cities possible however citizen is the center point of any smart city initiative. If we keep the citizens in the center and provide services and values to the citizen only that city will become smart.”


Tarun Seth
Managing Director, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic

“Digital India programme was launched to leverage technology platform for transforming society and economy focusing on four pillars of development education, employment, entrepreneurship and empowerment. Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic has consciously undertaken projects which contribute towards such initiatives. We have emerged a leading systems integrator offering mature OT & IT strategy. Some of our projects for Digital India include, architecting and implementing state data centers, enabling safe banking and promoting e-governance.

The success mantra of the company lies in - Understanding real objectives of customers, Architecting Solutions based on objectives and to deliver outcomes, Focusing on customer success, Translating experiences and expertise of Hitachi across the globe to India, A team that has over 1000-person years of IT Infrastructure and Information security solutioning expertise in India that delivers exemplary customer experience.” 


Prateek Garg
CEO and MD, Progressive Infotech

“Cloud has been the game-changer in bringing in the Digital Transformation in organization and it perhaps one of the key enabler of digital transformation. It accelerates go-lives and user adoption, speeds global deployments, and helps organizations adapt quickly to new business needs. Progressive’s Digital offering can be bucketed under Enterprise Intelligence (Analytics, AI/ML & IoT), Digital Business (Enterprise Content Management, Digital Workplace and Mobility) and DevOps.

Progressive Infotech has been reinventing itself to remain relevant to the global market place and bring significant value to our client’s engagements. This unflinching commitment towards customer success and customer experience is the reason our customer endorses the value we add to their business, and it is the biggest testament to our promise of Experience Outcomes. Thus the key to Success is Focus on Outcomes, not Metrics.”


Ranjan Chopra 
MD, Team Computers  

“Digital India is quite a blessing. With its reach across the country, it has become possible for us to provide IT solutions even in remote areas. With the new digital infrastructure that the government is going to launch, many Public Sector Units are developing new projects where they shall be needing Servers, Data Centers, Cloud solutions etc. This has given us a massive opportunity to contribute to these avenues as well. 

With Digital India, huge amounts of data is flowing in from all ends, especially in E-Commerce. Villages in India are on mobile with internet connectivity. Team plays a major role here - we manage their data, provide data analytics solutions and ensure that the data is secure at all times. 

With IT, our gain is only when our customers benefit from the solutions we provide. Be it managing their hardware, managing and securing their Data, using Advanced Analytics to help them understand their customers better, or optimising their costs by understanding their company’s requirements; we grow only when our customers grow. 

Every solution that we offer, is designed to increase the customer’s productivity, cost optimisation, smooth functioning of their hardware, deeper understanding of their customers.”   



RS Shanbhag
Chairman & CEO, ValuePoint Systems 

“Strengthening our Leadership position in the market place has always been the corner stone of ValuePoint system’s core philosophy. Over past couple of years, we have realigned ourselves to be the “Digital Transformation Partner” in the new digital economy our clients are aspiring to invest in. We strongly believe that the Digital transformation is just not changing technology, but the way we do Business. 

This has led us to position ourselves as a strong player in the “As-a-Service” economy. VPS’s organisation structure has been redesigned to serve the above Service Horizontals across the geographies augmented by Large-scale-deployment capabilities across our client base. Our unwavering focus on BFSI, Public Sector, Education, Healthcare domains with large-scale System Integration and program management capabilities has made us preferred partner to some of the world’s largest programs implemented. This has immensely helped the clients to move away from Capex to Opex models and stitch the key strategic components of zig-saw puzzle across different layers of transformation. For seamless strategic alignment, our core strategies of partnership with OEM/ODM have also undergone a transformative change too.”


Gurpreet Singh
Managing Director, Arrow PC Network 

“Digital India is a great initiative which has inspired every customer to adopt digitisation. Arrow PC Network has seen tremendous growth due to this and implemented projects in various verticals like manufacturing, retail, BFSI, IT/ITES, Telecom etc. We have been helping our customers, both in SMB and enterprises for modernisation of their current IT infrastructure.

Our solutions on IT Infrastructure modernisation are welcomed by our clients where we are helping them to improve their IT practices which are for next generation and future ready. Our wins have provided us more such references to grow the business. We work on trust and establish ourselves as sincere and transparent service providers.  

We shall increase our reach PAN India and keep innovating to help our clients improving business efficiency while optimising the cost using our latest IT Infrastructure.”


Paresh Shah
CEO, Allied Digital Services 

“Digital Transformation is our key offering currently. For every customer, IT is a major enabler in the business strategy. By default, every customer now expects minor to major transformation in its IT operations. We are a comprehensive service provider, with innovative service management platform, AI capabilities and strong systems integration expertise. 

Thus, we have successfully delivered path breaking transformation projects, both for corporate as well as government sector. Being a global player, we claim ourselves as “Global Transformation Architect”.


Neha Batra
CMD, Mayank’s IT Solutions  

“Digital India focuses on transforming India into a digitally empowered society and a knowledge economy, thus, impacting all facets of businesses, citizens and environment. It is projected that Digital India has the potential to provide an incremental 20-30% increase in GDP by 2025, resulting in an opportunity of close to $1 trillion annually by 2025. The impact of this programme can be felt across all domains through the adoption of technology in key sectors including manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, agriculture, energy, infrastructure and education

Upcoming new opportunities which arise as a part of Digital India initiative:-
1.    Increase availability of ICT infrastructure for rural and remote areas to connect to the internet and access digital India services
2.    Video Analytics – AI based intelligent video analytics
3.    FINTECH Solutions – banking and financial services
4.    IOT and machine-to-machine solutions which enables users to control house-hold utility such as heating, air conditioning, music, lighting and security systems through smartphones.
5.    SMART Learning Solutions - education in today's digital age. It reflects how advanced technologies are enabling learners to digest knowledge and skills more effectively, efficiently and conveniently.
6.    SMART Lightning – smart solution that allows you to use light where it’s needed, when its needed, resulting in significant energy saving and bunch of other benefits 
7.    SMART power and water solutions using solar technologies
8.    Application Security solutions – Build software intelligence to improve customer satisfaction s
Smart Cities- is a major step towards building safer, greener and intelligent cities
We as MITS consulting, running end-to-end IT business integrations for more than 2 decades and providing single point solutions for all digital India requirements. We have recently delivered a major project for digitization of finger prints solutions and are working with OEMs on couple of other initiatives”


Sairaman Mudaliar
Director & Co-Founder, Pentagon System & Services  

“Data has become the asset of organisations, we see an exponential growth in Data Security and Analytics. Our focus is considering digital transformation as a catalyst for our business and we have already started the journey. There is going to be an exponential change in the way organisations are looking at their IT and Business model. With more discussions on developing services around cloud, hyper-converged and multiple innovative services, partners like us will play a critical role.

Gaining trust, confidence and exceeding customers expectations in Enterprises and BFSI vertical as a solution provider  through our multi-vendor & multi-cloud offerings has helped us a lot in growing year on year and has always been the success mantra for our organisation .

As the curtain rises for 2019-20, we are looking forward to a great year ahead in expanding our footprint globally with our strong and improved execution capability along with riding on the newer technology trends.  We are driving various initiatives for better customer experience and innovations.”


N K Mehta
CEO & Managing Director, Secure Network Solutions

“The idea of Digital India is to utilize technology to empower citizens. Making information available all the time, through all the channels securely is the core objective. Applications such as Umang or Digi Locker, have brought-in government records to the citizen’s finger tips and simplifying payment processes through payment Apps such as Bhim. Cash-less or less-Cash economy means more and more streamlined economy that can give valuable insights. These insights can help the country to rapidly develop its economy in several ways. 

Digital India initiatives usher private sector to do more, though they have always leading in the Digital Transformation initiatives. Such rapid journey to Digitization increases the exposure to Cyber Threats. 

SNS helps customers in Securing their users, applications and data through advanced Security solutions that are backed by analytics, automation and Machine Learning.

Our success mantra is Fiercely Focused on Information Security, Trained & Certified Work Force and Right Solutioning that works for our customers. 

Wide spread adoption of Cloud pushed the demand for Cloud-based Security offering. On-Premises Security infrastructure will not go away anytime soon. Therefore, customers will be faced with the challenge of Securing both On-Prem and Cloud-based solution, a hybrid network environment posing new challenges. SNS will continue to act as a trusted Information Security partner to our customers helping them in designing right security solutions to adopt right on-Prem or Cloud Security options.”


S Karthikeyan 
Managing Director, Bloom Electronics   

“Digital India is a Programme to prepare India for a knowledge future. The focus is on being transformative – to realize IT (Indian Talent) and IT (Information Technology) for a better IT (India Tomorrow). The focus is on making technology central to enabling change. It is an Umbrella Programme – covering many departments. It weaves together a large number of ideas and thoughts into a single, comprehensive vision so that each of them is seen as part of a larger goal. Each individual element stands on its own. But is also part of the larger picture.

We work with our customers from end to end and our slogan says we are always with them.

We are working on the Smart Solutions for Smart Cities and Digital Villages which covers various solutions.”


Punit Thakkar
Director & CEO, Shivaami Cloud Services

“The Digital India campaign has created an aura among all the industries that the technology is advancing and it is good time to adopt these changing technologies. 

Shivaami is partners with some of the best cloud solution providers like Google and Microsoft, we encourage the customers to move from their legacy IT infrastructure to cloud, since cloud is new solution for any IT infrastructure, which is more cost effective and more secure.

We have a purpose which we all follow wholeheartedly and that is “The purpose of Shivaami is to make positive change in the lives of people we connect by providing solutions and services that bring profit and happiness”. 

Shivaami primly believes in providing solution to the problem of the customers which has helped us gain their trust and also the company  to grow in terms of sales and in size of the company.”


Manoj Kanodia
CEO, Inspira Enterprise 

“Digital India holds the potential to transform India from a developing into a developed economy and nation. ICT infrastructure lies at the very groundwork of the success of Digital India. The robustness and the quality of ICT infrastructure will govern the success of digitization of Indian economy and success of Digital India.

We focus on Technology-driven innovation, which involves the development of new advanced technology systems, Market-driven innovation, which includes disruptive products that create personalized value propositions for our clients.

Many industries have lost the digitization battle. Through smart bundling, disruptive technologies and innovative IT products and services, Inspira is creating new avenues to bring aboard new technology more swiftly. The rate of adoption is increasing, as technology capabilities are reinforcing and creating a virtuous circle of value while lowering the risk of adoption; this is happening due to incremental and fast learning as well as faster access to information.

At Inspira we always believe in futuristic innovative and disruptive technologies that will make difference to our clientele overall business positively. We will be catering to all verticals – Government/ PSU, Defence, BFSI, Healthcare, Enterprise and Smart Cities.”


Deepak Jadhav
Director, VDA Infosolutions   

“This Digital India drive is bringing tremendous growth with regards to IT infrastructure products, Security products and acceleration in cloud adoption. Customers are finding ”more with less“ if they adopt digitalisation hence putting these projects on priority.

The success mantra of the company lies in understanding what is customer’s objective, understand the business process of customer, prepare a roadmap for customer and be a leading contestant for their Digitalisation drive. Acquire all necessary skills in driving Digitalisation solutions.

We already started our journey towards making our self fully skilled to guide customer in their journey of digitalisation and share the learning with customer, today we are almost fully ready to take complex projects of any size. This is one of our major focus areas.”


Sewak  Nautiyal
Managing Director, Spark Technologies 

“Due to massive digitization in India, there is need of IT Infrastructure. Being a Value Added Distribution Company, we are helping and supporting our partner to participate and pitch the right solution to their customer. 

We had incorporated company in 1994 and drafted a mission document. Our mission is to provide outstanding services to our partner / customer and make profit.

We are targeting 30% growth than our last year turnover. Hope we are on track.”


Limesh Parekh
CEO, Enjay IT Solutions 

“There are many opportunities, but I would like to highlight few which are very much related to our business. Firstly, since GST and Digitization, more and more business now want to use the Accounting package more than just taxation. Now they are using it much more proactively. That is the reason why we see a serious rise in the Cloud ERP requirement. That is the reason, we see an upsurge in the Tally Cloud Requirements.

Secondly, now even SMEs in India are becoming more and more aware of the Customer experience. Be it marketing, sales or after sales services, everywhere technology adoption is growing very fast. This is where our CRM solution is helping our Customers to manage their business. 

Overall we see that Digital India is very good for the Indian IT Industry.

Innovation and best Customer Experience have always been pillars of Enjay. Hence, our business mantra is "Empowering Enterprise with Ennovation". We are probably the only IT product company which has its head office and main development centre in a small village in Rural India.”  






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