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DigiVyapaaris get the GST advantage from Dell

With India implementing the much-awaited Goods & Services Tax, Dell is partnering small businesses in the country and is supporting them in their transition through the GST environment.

As GST, a technology-based taxation system, requires compliance through a digital platform. That is, it becomes imperative for small businesses tobe technologically equipped to transition smoothly into the new system of taxation. Small businesses specifically, need not only a PC, but a technology ecosystem which is GST compliant. The advantage that small businesses have is the flexibility to adopt new technology quickly, as they are nimble and agile. 
With its GST-ready PCs Dell is aiming to empower small businesses with the GST advantage, offering a technology solution and a comprehensive ecosystem to help small businesses become GST-ready. This effort is aimed at transforming business owners into DigiVyapaaris who are able to utilize technology to maximize their business potential. 

To begin with, Dell has the Dell Vostro notebooks and laptops, built keeping in mind the needs of small businesses. With attention to detail including anti-glare screens for long hours of usage, optional fingerprint function for security, and comfortable keystrokes for extended computing, Dell Vostro notebooks and desktops aim to ease the load for a small business owner. 

Along with this, Dell is introducing packages for businesses so that they can avail a combination of accounting software by Busy® and a Canon Color All-In-One Printer by paying an amount of just INR 2999*. This combination comes at a subsidized price, and includes the essentials needed by a small business to be able to seamlessly transition to the new system of taxation. The offers ensure that when a small business owner purchases a Dell Vostro PC, they are able to simply plug-in and play, spending little to no time in the process of adapting to a new way of doing business. The software immediately brings them onto an accounting platform for simplified finance, and a printer caters to the basics of business, such as generation of standardized invoices, customer orders, etc. 
To ensure that small businesses of every shape, size, and industry is able to adopt technology for the impending transition to GST, Dell plans to educate small business associations in clusters across key markets, on the role of technology in making businesses GST ready, via digital and on-ground trainings that use interactive content demos. 

The annual PC Literacy campaign, which focuses on building awareness around the advantages of PC adoption, will see Dell engaging with small businesses across its Dell Exclusive stores (DES) and will be launching a series of education programs across platforms, which will be implemented in 8 languages to effect wider outreach. 

Dell will also be collaborating with key trade associations across engineering, textile, commerce, finance, manufacturing sectors among others to offer hassle-free GST-ready solutions to all the small businesses which work closely with these associations. Apart from this, Dell will engage with key partners such as retailers and CA’s in order to equip them to consult their small business customers, thereby enabling GST-readiness among the entire business ecosystem.



The Dell-GST ready range has been designed keeping in mind the specific needs of small businesses. 

GST offers on Dell Vostro notebooks and desktops

Upon purchasing GST ready Dell Vostro notebooks, customers have the choice to avail -

•    GST-ready Accounting Package from Busy® and a Canon Color All-In-One Printer by paying an additional INR 2999* or
•    1 Year of additional Dell warranty and a Canon Color All-In-One Printer for INR 2399*. 
•    On the purchase of Dell Vostro desktops, customers can choose between availing a GST-ready Accounting Package from Busy® and a Canon Color All-In-One Printer by paying an additional INR 2999 or a Luminous UPS and a Canon Color All-in-One Printer for INR 1999