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By VARINDIA    2018-09-07

GTOKEN to rebrand “Game Token” as GT

GTOKEN has announced officially to rebrand their flagship product, "Game Token", to simply "GT".


According to Kenneth Yong, Managing Partner, GTOKEN, "It's very important that we're not mistaken for a cryptocurrency. Since our inception in 2014, we have enjoyed a huge degree of success, both locally and regionally as a digital solution for gamification, but the recent cryptocurrency craze has caused much confusion in our marketplace. For this critical reason, we have decided to undertake a rebranding exercise so that we're better aligned with our expanding usage strategy and the core functions of our product are reflected more accurately."


Serving as an acronym for "Gamification Tickets", GT is now analogously positioned in the marketplace to the way tickets are used in an arcade or carnival for the redemption of gifts and prizes and its usage has far expanded into the non-gaming domain.


It functions primarily as a digital incentive and can also be used in V-More, a M-commerce platform to drive traffic via incentive marketing. GT holders can also continue to enjoy benefits such as in-game, in-app purchases and through incentivized traffic and games referral campaigns.

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