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By VARINDIA    2018-07-16

India has the lowest 4G speed at 6.01 mbps

UK speed tester, OpenSignal has stated in its recent report that India’s 4G download speeds are slower than that of its neighbours - Sri Lanka (13.95Mbps), Pakistan (13.56Mbps) and Myanmar (15.56Mbps). The average 4G LTE data speed in India has been about 6.1Mbps for more than a year.

According to a list prepared by OpenSignal, 4G download speed in India is the slowest among 88 countries spanning 6 continents. The speed in India has been calculated to be a dismal 6.01 mbps, while the fastest in the world is in Singapore at 44.31 mbps. USA also struggles with a lowly rank. 4G speed in America has been calculated to be 16.31 mbps. The methodology used to prepare this report is based on the real-world experience of consumers on mobile networks in their usual, daily lives.


However, when it comes to availability of 4G connections, India performs far better. India ranks 14 out of the 88 countries with a very encouraging 86.26%. It does not come as much of a surprise considering the rapid pace at which 4G connectivity is spreading across the countries. It is also boosted by the easy availability of cheaper smartphones and feature phones, along with cheap 4G plans that are provided by telecom operators. The entry of Reliance Jio with its disruptive pricing has unleashed severe competition amongst the operators.


The top five countries with the fastest 4G speed are Singapore with 44.31 mbps, followed by Netherlands with 42.12 mbps, Norway with 41.20 mbps, South Korea with 40.44 mbps and Hungary with 39.18 mbps.


The report also mentions that there is a much-dreaded stagnancy when it comes to the increase in the fastest LTEs. OpenSignal mentions that for the last several reports, there have been very little to no increase in the fastest speeds, and the mark of 50 mbps still remains untouched.


The report says," The stagnation we see in speed among the fastest LTE countries might seem concerning, but we won't have to wait for 5G to see top-line speeds start increasing once again. There are still plenty of enhancements left in the LTE standards that operators can tap into."

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