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Infortrend announces Desktop Unified Storage for SMBs and Workgroups

Infortrend Technology has launched EonStorGSe Pro 208 SATA storage model to support effortless and smooth operations for SMBs. This latest addition to EonStorGSe Pro 200 series is a compact 8-bay tower storage featuring sleek metal casing and whisper quiet design packs multiple benefits for businesses operating with space constraints and cost considerations.


Apart from compactness, it also integrates SAN, NAS, and Cloud to enable easy cross-platform file sharing and storage for small offices and workgroup users. Additionally, offers diverse host connectivity and expansion options, simple storage management, complete data services, cloud integration to make it the right fit for small businesses.


"We are glad to announce the launch of EonStorGSe Pro 208. Being the leading provider of high-performance networked storage solutions, we are confident that EonStorGSe Pro 208 will be a right choice for SMBs who are looking for smooth operations support on a daily basis. It offers quality, reliability and scalability in turn accelerates performance for better outcome. It also lowers costs through reduced power draw and longer drive lifespan," said Prabhat Bhadauria, Sales Manager, India & SAARC, Infortrend Technology, Inc.




· Unified Storage for simplicity and efficiency

· Cloud Cache to migrate data between on-premise storage and cloud-based storage

· Multi-target snapshot (up to 4096) to recover vital data at different points in real time

· Modular cable-less design for easy installation and maintenance, making it user-friendly

· SED compatible with virtually unbreakable hardware encryption


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