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Innovation and Disruption forms the core of Sterlite Tech's brand positioning

Manish Sinha
CMO - Sterlite Tech


Brand Positioning vs. Marketing Tactics


Sterlite’s brand positioning is driven by our purpose. We are here to - Transform Everyday Living by Delivering Smarter Networks. Hence, our positioning is fundamentally different from others in the market. 


We are the only silicon to software player in the world, which means that we are one of the seven manufacturers of semiconductor grade glass that goes into building fibre optics. We know how to build world-class cables and have 189 patents that demonstrate our technical leadership. We also do real implementations of networks in the toughest terrains of the world - from the Himalayan Mountains to the business streets of crowded cities. To top it all, we manage command and control centres and run billing solutions for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). We also ensure that the best smart city and smart village solutions are made available to citizens. And we have a presence in 100+ countries. 


Our brand strategy is built on this sincerity to serve and the urge to technically disrupt. We communicate on digital mediums. We first connect directly with our key customers and reach out to organisations and events with the right DNA to share our story. We have been recognised as a major fast mover in the network space, where we have transformed from an optical communication product manufacturer to the smarter network provider of the world.


Good data for a Good Brand Strategy 


At Sterlite Tech, we believe in data as the core driver of decisions. Along with a strong purpose and relationship with our customers, we leverage data to drive our brand positioning. 

Our brand positioning is inherently about driving innovative and disruptive solutions for designing, building and managing smarter digital networks. 


We see the world in data. And in our company, we see every element of our brand with data analytics. Across our organisation, we see media outreach, customer satisfaction, organisational readiness, and network uptime - all types of results in data-driven scorecards. It is a core culture in the company, as we try to solve the complex and keep it simple with data. 


R&D driving Growth


We are a technology company. R&D is our most important investment. We have three world-class innovation centres and have a full-fledged R&D team with tens of PhDs and focus on photonics, network design and even a few who are focused on a post fibre optic world. We believe that the future of technology has to be created by us as R&D is our main focus area.

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