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Microsoft Inspire is where the world meets to transform business

Microsoft Inspire is where the world meets to transform business. speaking on how companies and businesses are transforming in the digital era. Our mission and our commitment to partners is steadfast, technology and technology paradigms come and go. One such evolution is the move from a mobile-first, cloud-first world, to one that is rooted in the intelligent edge and intelligent cloud. This shift will bring about more digital technology in more mainstream ways into every life and every organization.


64,000 partners leading with the cloud solutions. It is the high time for shifting IT Priorities and Growing Channel Opportunities. The first is how our digital experience is distributed across and spans devices, big screens, small screens, sensors in a room. Artificial intelligence is getting built into every experience, and we need to take data and compute to where it’s generated. Whether in an autonomous car, on a factory floor, or in a hospital, every one of these experience is going to be powered by AI.


Finally, you need a backend that facilitates this rich fabric. We’re taking a single user experience and making it span multiple devices using emerging technology such as containers and serverless compute. We’re taking this intelligence and distributing it to the edge.


Microsoft partners employ 17 million people around the world, and we have 64,000 partners working in cloud services and adding 6,000 new partners each month. These new partners are coming from other ecosystems, ” citing the Linux, Hadoop and Java ecosystems as examples. “That ability for us as a partner-led company and a partner ecosystem to continuously welcome new partners and help them thrive as part of this community, together we can build the future.” Nadella said.


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