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Naveen Gulati, Corporate VP & Group CIO, Fourth Dimension Solutions Ltd

Naveen Gulati, Corporate VP & Group CIO, Fourth Dimension Solutions Ltd says that for them their key priorities have been towards machine learning and artificial intelligence. “We are into large scale projects which are globally diversified and geographically into various territories which are not easily reachable. Some of the initiatives which we are working on are around optimizing our supply chain, getting real-time information through various sources when using embedded and IoT technologies and how predictive algorithms using AI can predict where things are about to go wrong so that our project teams take proactive decisions. This has really been helping us in bringing in efficiencies towards our work processes, more value to our clients and also optimizing our operations,” he says.  


Some of the technologies that his company is eyeing and see them as new emerging digital disruptors are in the field of IoT, and how these embedded technologies can be integrated using cloud and mobility devices. “We also see how these technologies are actually enabling our people who are our ‘feet on street’ by bringing out real time information for them through our core CRM and HRMS systems and how they can integrate the plethora of IT out there and bring in real-time analytics to our management. These analytics have been helping our people in taking various proactive decisions and bring in insights that were never really there. So these are very exciting times to be leading IT from the forefront,” says Naveen.

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