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By VARINDIA    2018-09-17

Odhisa Police warns about Olivia Hoax

After ‘Momo Challenge’, a new cyber threat has risen. The Odisha Crime Branch has issued an advisory against Olivia Hoax, a WhatsApp scam that has been targeting children worldwide through the app. The messenger, claiming to be Olivia, begins conversation with kids, pretending to be a friend they know, but soon starts sending links that direct them to porn sites.


The Crime Branch of the Odisha police took to Twitter to warn users about the Olivia hoax. Citizens have been advised not to click on links from unknown senders. Parents have also been advised to keep a strict check on their children's activities on the internet. Additionally, police have also advised citizens to not engage with unknown numbers on WhatsApp.


Though there have been no cases related to Olivia Hoax in Odisha yet, police is taking preventive measures to warn parents and kids. With the recent rise in cyber crimes, dangerous games and scams, it has become imperative for parents to keep an eye on their children’s online life.

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