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Partners aligning its solutions with customer needs to help them Digitally Transform

Digital transformation is the key to a successful business and has become an imperative these days. It is generating opportunities everyday and to stay ahead of the competition and survive, every industry needs to adopt technological advances.   
As per a research report by Microsoft and IDC, digital transformation will add $154 billion to India's GDP by 2021. It will also increase the growth rate by 1% annually. Traditional business models are transforming rapidly and heading towards digital transformation as they are fast adopting latest technologies like AI, cognitive services, robotics, mixed reality etc which are in turn disrupting the way of business.
In the journey of digital transformation of a company, Solution Partners play an integral part in helping them to bridge the gap between traditional way of business to digitally equipped business. Previously, the focus of the Partners were to sell hardware but gradually the needs of the companies have changed and now they look for customized solutions and value added services to keep pace in this digital era. So to better understand how the solution partners have helped their customers to achieve digital transformation we are putting forward their experience below --

Partner perspective on Digital Transformation

“Digital Transformation is our key offering currently. For every customer, IT is a major enabler in the business strategy. By default, every customer now expects minor to major transformation in its IT operations. We are a comprehensive service provider, with innovative service management platform, AI capabilities and strong systems integration expertise. Thus, we have successfully delivered path breaking transformation projects, both for corporate as well as government sector. Being a global player, we claim ourselves as “Global Transformation Architect”,” says Paresh Shah, CEO, Allied Digital Services. 

“Collaborating with the client to secure his digital assets using new age tools and technologies like DLP,  CASB, Decoy , Anti-APTS have given confidence to  clients to accelerate their digital environments in production.

As a partner we operate four key pillars Design, Consult, Implement and Manage. With a sound and skilled workforce consisting of SME’s, Certified Resources with Experience and Knowledge on skills such as Machine Learning, each of the practices and pillars ensure we deliver the right strategy to the client to execute their Digital transformation more effectively,” explains Nityanand Shetty, Managing Director, Essen Vision Software.

“We have taken monumental steps to accelerate our customers’ digital transformation. Firstly we have re-aligned our own offerings and become a cloud focussed solution provider. Our new company – Xpresscloud has invested in people, trainings and certifications to ensure that we meet the new gen demands of the customers. We offer Microsoft, Google and other cloud solutions to our customers currently.

We have taken a long term vision to build our cloud expertise. We have re-trained our existing teams, invested in certifications and taken many other steps to overcome the challenge in being a cloud focussed solution provider,” highlights Chetan Shah, Managing Director, Xpress Computers.

“Business models and delivery systems are increasingly becoming digital and keeping up with this transformation in the ecosystem is not an easy task for any organization. At Embee, our team of experts stays on top of technology curve to help customer organizations drive systemic change and embrace new technologies in their journey towards building a future-ready enterprise. Being one of the earliest solution provider to drive adoption of cloud, we rank among top 5 in terms of cloud consumption. We have enabled cloud transformation journey for 325+ organizations in India and going strong in enabling modern workplace solutions for organizations across BFSI, eCommerce, Education, Healthcare, IT/ITES, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media and other industries,” elaborates Sudhir Kothari, CEO and Managing Director Embee Software.
“IT Security is mainly based on digital transformations. 
Digital transformation sounds technical – robotics processing automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), cloud adoption, social media, analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), cyber security, mobility, etc. – it is tempting to engage as though the digital strategy merely requires a series of technology implementations. In reality, digital transformations are a journey. More accurately, they are a series of journeys.

We provide our customer Cyber security solution, AI/BI /Cloud Security, mail security, Sandboxing Mobility, SIEM Solution to protect their Network from  external and internal threats. So we are at an evolving stage as they are moving from on premise to cloud/ manual to automated and convocational to AI/BI,” says Manasi Saha, CEO, Macaws Infotech.

She further adds, “Challenges are always there in IT Security arena but to move on with implementing new technology we always face some obstructions  particularly in case of Patch updates and product upgrade, enforcement of polices and mail migrations in customer premises, we also face the following challenges like budget, fear of change and losing control and legacy systems and processes.” 

“Digital transformation should be looked into as a 360° transformation of an organization. It is not just a tool to solve communication needs or to meet hardware needs. A digitally strong organization saves a lot in terms of manpower, stationery, process and data management and analysis. In fact, most of today’s leading global organizations have achieved that feat because of their strength in IT. Comprompt keeps on communicating with its customers important updates in IT to make them aware of what’s coming in future. We also help our existing customers to upgrade to the latest technology as and when an opportunity comes. One of the most important services we provide to our customers is of ensuring support on demand. Be it about restoring data or its migration, we make sure that our customers enjoy the quickest turnaround time,” feels Manish B. Sanghrajka, Director, Comprompt Solutions.

“Growth in Cyber Security / Network Security is approximately 20 % year on year for the last 5 years. Initially, Delhivery, one of the largest logistic company, located all over India was running on open source and proprietary solution, took the demo of most of the competition in the market and finally we could closed the deal with very challenging support commitment. During these 2 years, customer tested the boxes thoroughly and gained the confidence on partner and the product.  At first go, customer placed order for approximately 30-40 locations and after rigorous testing, decided to go for next 50 locations with the same brand and the partner and as on today running  approx. 100 locations successfully,” explains D K Bajaj, Director, D M Systems.

“Today’s need of digitisation is most important subject as managing data is a most critical task for any of the organisation. We at Deltakraft always look forward and help to educate our customer the importance of managing the data digitally. Transformation of the data with different policies with regards to digitisation, backups and security, we play an important role by providing appropriate solutions with different brands available in the market,” states Dnyanesh Kulkarni, Director, Deltakraft Solutions.

Adding to it he says, “Quality and cost optimisation is a key, hence understanding the objective and exact need of a customer while proposing any solution is very important.” 

“We have travelled along with our customers over 15+ years. The Proximity we have developed and the Trust that we have built with our customers has helped us understand the Customer’s Business Challenges and successfully address the same from time-to-time. With a wide range of Solution offerings from IT / Network / Security Infrastructure to Cloud, we have effectively addressed these challenges.

As a trusted advisor, we ensure that our customer is taken care at every stage of the transaction and we go the extra-mile to ensure customer delight,” views R Madhusudhanan, Director - Cisco Practice BU, DigitalTrack Solutions.

“Since our entire business focus is to make our Clients do their business effectively using CRM for Sales and Service, we obviously take great effort and care.

We designed unique Training programs along with our Mobile first philosophy for helping our Customers to adapt to CRM faster and grow faster,” explains Limesh Parekh, CEO, Enjay IT Solutions.

“We strongly believe that future of any business is in making informed decision making and accessibility to information which is why businesses all size needs to invest in digital transformation.

We empower customers to collect data using IoT devices to track their operations in real time, gather sales data, manage assets, digitize process of setup, implementation, health-checks to enhance business productivity, make right decisions, invest in correct priorities and improve profitability,” highlights Kshitij M Kotak, CEO, Fortune Grecells.

“Many customers have started digital transformation.  But key is application availability for their needs. Our customer's have started digital transformation like IoT or Industrial automation etc.  but many of the required software application availability is a challenge. For example, if a sewage water treatment company wants to monitor its equipment installed for certain values.  We need to help them with custom application development or think of work around.

Any digital transformation requires strategy, cost of ownership, and return on investment.  Every organization is looking for Digital Transformation but viability is a big challenge.  So we pick and choose customer who are ready for Digital Transformation,” describes L Ashok, Founder & CEO, Futurenet Technologies. 

He also says, “We sit with customer to understand the Digital Transformation impact on business.  This will enable both us and customer to invest time and efforts in the projects.” 

“Digital Transformation is a continuous journey and we have started this early and are reaping fruits though currently with only few organisations but it is catching up shortly as the customer is today looking at partners who can take care of the technology requirements and take their organisation’s systems to the next level.

We have the Right Product Portfolio and a very strong Design teams that understands the digital needs of the organisation and then drafts a solution for them which will take care of their present as well as future needs. Besides we from the top have the right focus on this with our tag line itself on this - “Trusted Partner for your Digital Workplace Solutions",” explains Soami Bhatia, Director, Gurusons Communications.

“Digital Transformation progress is a fundamentally needed change in any organization ensuring business acceleration, and we understand the requirement for this transformation. We tend to keep delivering the best possible solutions we can offer to our customers with right products, at right price and with right process. Our focus is majorly upon the speedy, responsiveness, durability and flexibility of our solution than on the output, which helps generate innovations in our methods and modes on every stage furthermore passing the same to the client end. It is harder in today’s competitive and market condition to unlock top-line sales growth, yet we credit our success mostly to our efforts to provide seamless and better than before experiences making our clients come back for more,” says Moin Shaikh, Director, Innovative Telecom & Softwares.

“An IT challenge is a business imperative, it needs well-upgradation, interconnection and a business enabler transformation. Therefore we have always believed in developing solutions that can compete and grow and so is the reason for having a strategic business relationships with our alliances with selected best technologies to better serve our customer needs. And we are grateful how they complement our strategic IT solutions and executions solving major IT challenges,” he adds.   

“Owing to innumerable innovations in the technology ecosystem, JNR Management has been helping customers drive their business to new heights. At, JNR we believe in making the process simple, swift, accurate and streamlined for our clients through quality driven products and service. 

For example, we recently empowered the Dealer Management System of ‘Mahindra & Mahindra’ with Digital Signing solution for their dealers. Our cutting-edge digital signing solution helped their dealers to migrate from the manual process of invoice signing and sending through couriers/snail-mail to the super-fast digital mechanism of signing and uploading. Moreover, the new process of document signing is GST compliant as well. Besides adhering to document signing compliance, this solution has helped Mahindra & Mahindra to further augment data integrity,” believes Prashant Jain, CEO, JNR Management Resources.

“We have always been new age IT company with clear focus on providing transformational experiences to our customer by providing them solutions which enable them to be more agile, more productive and focus on what they are best at i.e their business. A lot of our customers have benefited with our consultative approach in which we have successfully helped in their digital transformation journey by developing a deep level of expertise in key areas which help them solve their business problems. We have partnered with a lot of technologies vendors who are global leaders in their domain and coupled that with our professional services to deliver predictable and measurable outcomes by harnessing the power it IT,” says Krishnakant Mathuria, Director, Know All Edge Networks.

“We are quite successful in moving some 100+ customers from traditional approach to business and technology to digital and cloud platform. Most customers are reaping the benefits in terms of their competitiveness; growth and profitability.  

As we are committed to our customer’s success; we ensure our employees are always technology ready and stay updated with current market trends. Our employees constantly go thru the frequent training and certifications to meet the challenges,” explains Amarnath Shetty, Managing Director, LDS Infotech.

“The success in accelerating customer's digital transformation is not really much as the decisions are taken by top management and generally study has been done by top four consultants. Hence, either they take the contract and do it or outsource to the national SIs or OEMS.

We are trying to get aligned either to customer or this to the top four consultants and getting the sub contract from them or convince the CXOs to get these digitization contracts,” opines Jiten Mehta, Director, Magnamious Systems.

“As we are growing and innovating continuously in serving our customers, transforming their IT operation and organisation at large is one of the key focus of Pentagon System & Services. Our approach and strategy is very much successful in helping customers in their digitalization journey. We are able to help them transform in various divisions and are continuing to do so. 

Right approach and engaging with right stake holders is the key. We have right resources and are partnered with many technology providers. With proper solution and successful POC, we understand the customer need and deliver the best services.” says Sairaman Mudaliar, Director & Co-Founder, Pentagon System & Services.

“Trusted IT partner since 1998, Progressive Infotech provides comprehensive suite of transformation and support services. The offerings span across cloud, digital and DevOps, delivered through a matured and scalable service delivery model. With over 20 years of experience in IT services, 200+ consultants and with over 200 enterprise customers, Progressive Infotech has the right experience and expertise to help organization navigate the digital journey.

Progressive is today India’s most credentialed Managed Services Provider (MSP) for both AWS and Azure and Gartner lists Progressive Infotech as a notable vendor in 'Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service Providers, Worldwide 2018- Asia/Pacific Context. Cloud has been the game-changer in bringing in the Digital Transformation in organization and it’s perhaps one of the key enabler of digital transformation. It accelerates go-lives and user adoption, speeds global deployments, and helps organizations adapt quickly to new business needs. Progressive’s Digital offering can be bucketed under Enterprise Intelligence (Analytics, AI/ML & IoT), Digital Business (Enterprise Content Management, Digital Workplace and Mobility) and DevOps.

Since its inception in 1998, Progressive Infotech is constantly reinventing itself to remain relevant to the dynamic business environment and bringing value to client engagements,” comments Prateek Garg, Founder and CEO, Progressive Infotech.

“Questa is been in IT industry for close to 16 years, we have been working and helping our clients in their transformation journey, whether it’s about adopting new technology suggesting new system, collaboration, project or process managements, working for DR or BCP, we have equipped us with right solutions and trained professionals who can help clients right from planning till execution or implementation with trainings.

The major challenge in any project or new technology is the change management at client end. It’s the resistance from client staff members who resist the change, we manage this with providing training and hand holding after project implementation which gives confidence to team and help us in smooth migration,” states Manish Tandon, Managing Director, Questa Software Systems.

“We are certainly highly successful in accelerating our customer’s digital transformation. Our company’s growth is 200% every year, which shows that we are at a prime stage to move the legacy using business models of the company to the digital era.

We have a technical service teams that are certified and trained by Google. With our technical expertise and if required with some help from Google we overcome all the challenges,” says Punit Thakkar, Director & CEO, Shivaami Cloud Services.

“Digital Transformation is use of technology for improving efficiency or performance of an organization, be it a corporate or government. Today Digital transformation is not a choice but an imperative. Businesses have adopted transformation initiatives and are at varying stages.

We as a partner are well placed in this space. We started as Cloud and Mobility company and our natural addition was virtualization, BI/Analytics and Cloud Native business applications development. In last more than 4 years, we have lot of mind share and awareness from all stake holders in the organisation be it Digital, IT, finance, marketing.

Few Challenges: a) High Cost: We understand budgets and give solutions with low upfront cost i.e. Cloud is helping companies start small and grow with time in roll out of Digital Transformation (DT) journey.
b) Lack of awareness of complete DT cycle: We share overall roadmap of DT journey to make well informed decision for long term benefits.
c) Involvement of all stakeholders is required: We try to involve business unit heads along with CIO/IT to ensure success and timely completion.

Challenges vary with customers as businesses are unique and needs are very specific. We need to understand customer’s business and design a solution specific to that need. While we bring vast experience in deploying technology and understanding about deployment strategies, designing the right solution is both a science and an art. As a solution provider we must select the right feature of a particular solution to address the particular need of customer. Transformation journey of our customers have been rapid and result-oriented as goals are linked to business outcomes,” explains Sanjay Agarwal, Managing Partner, Umbrella Infocare.

“We engage with various customers spread across different industry verticals to understand and plan their digital transformation journey. We have customers who are in the planning phase of this transformation and some who have begun the journey already towards this transformation. We have a set of consultants who understand the overall IT landscape and align our client’s business goals to execute their digital transformation plan.

Technology transformation comes with its set of challenges at an operational level, however we focus to pre-empt some of these challenges as part of the planning phase of the digital transformation. Our industry experience and agile approach helps us to address challenges that we might come across during a customer’s digital transformation journey,” says Vibhore Shrivastava, Managing Director, VIBS Infosol.
“In my experience success of digital transformation depends on the following key aspects:
1. Identifying the correct digital automation/transformation areas/use-cases
2. Managing changes
3. Managing exceptions
4. Automating/digitalising processes which are well-defined and mature (poorly designed processes are likely to fail). Further for dynamically changing/growing businesses impact of digital transformation processes needs to be properly planned.
5. Managing human employee resistance 
6. Skilling/learning & unlearning should be designed/planned for

In my view, greater success can be achieved if the customer is properly advised early on in the digital transformation process on above aspects.  Our experience shows proper project evaluation, planning, execution and monitoring is key to any successful digital transformation cases.  

Most of our customers who have gone through successful digital transformation journey have well defined transformation goals, carry out well documented proof of concept studies to validate use cases and follow up with proper action plans,” views Vimesh Avlani, Managing Director, Graftronics. 

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