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Sourabh Tiwari, CIO/IT - Head, Overseas Infrastructure Alliance (India)

Sourabh Tiwari, CIO/IT - Head, Overseas Infrastructure Alliance (India), “Hybrid VPC-HCI solution helps business to support critical/non S critical areas. Also, this helps in migration towards a modernized infrastructure set-up faster than the old traditional architecture.”


And so… 

Indeed, the role of a CIO has been ever changing. But this time it is happening at an even faster pace than ever before. The role of the CIO is today disrupted by what is known as the “Digital Disruption”. 


While many CIOs have started with the digital transformation journey in their respective organizations, there are many who have not yet taken the front seat or are not able to lead the transformation journey. With businesses aiming to be competitive and agile enough for the sustainable growth, it has become a must and also necessary for them to adopt high level of Technology features. And in this, it is the CIO who has a very key and important role in growing the Business and optimizing it through Technology use.

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