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Symantec detects 45 malicious apps on Google Play Store

Symantec has announced that it has discovered two new sets of malicious apps on the Google Play Store. The first set is of seven apps and the second set is of 38 apps.

However, now the research firm has gotten the malicious apps removed after contacting Google.


As per the reports, the apps had over 10,000 downloads. The first app set features the "Android.Reputation.1" malware and loads scam websites on smartphone browsers.


They come in the garb of calculators, app lockers, and call recorders. These apps have been re-uploaded on the Play Store with different names (and without any change in code) after they were pulled down earlier.


This is surprising as Google performs adequate security checks before allowing any app. The second set of 38 apps loads various blog URLs in the background without the knowledge or permission of the user to drive traffic to those websites.


It also features the "Android.Reputation.1" malware.


"So far, the majority of users downloading these apps seem to be located in the US, UK, South Africa, India, Japan, Egypt, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden," Symantec said.

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