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TP-Link organizes a trip to Thailand for its partners

TP-Link India has organized an invitational trip to Thailand for its esteemed partners from all over India. A total of 33 partners qualified for the trip and were taken to Thailand as a token of appreciation for their sales achievement and their commitment towards TP-Link. The beautiful trip embarked on the 13th of June, 2018.


TP-Link Employees along with the partners visited several tourist attractions like Buddha Temple and Coral Island, where all the partners had a gala time. The partners praised the sheer efforts put in by TP-Link and are eagerly waiting for the next trip. TP-Link regularly rewards its partners with schemes and trips for their hard work and cooperation.


Bijoy Alaylo, General Manager, SoHo, says, “Reliably Smart is what we stand for and we are building the same in the Indian market. Ensuring the same to be passed on time to time to our deserving partners.”

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