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U2opia Mobile powered USSD to speed up Aadhaar authentication



U2opia Mobile has launched a USSD-based platform for demographic authentication using Aadhaar-based on UIDAI. Through this, U2opia Mobile will help the Government in bringing this initiative to every phone, country wide.


With the growth in Aadhaar adoption and the government working towards making Aadhaar mandatory for Indian citizens, U2opia Mobile will enable the ease and speed of authentication required for maintaining safety and privacy within the system. The Indian Government has now made Aadhaar mandatory for nearly all its distribution and its benefit schemes across the country by linking it with Banks, NGOs and other government departments. U2opia Mobile’s solution being a USSD-based platform has a countrywide reach and makes it accessible to all mobile users. There is no breach of data security as there is no data being stored anywhere across the platform. Using USSD-based authentication, anyone can use demographic-based Aadhaar Authentication as UIDAI will approve the details only if it matches the information as per their record. Users will have to enter their Aadhaar Number along with their Name, Address and DOB on the platform. The platform will then verify the information using UADAI’s APIs.


“USSD continues to be a powerful agent to bridge the digital divide. Aadhaar authentication without internet is yet another simple example of the versatility and practicality of our Fonetwish platform,’’ added Sumesh Menon, Co-Founder and CEO, U2opia Mobile.


A few use cases:


· The Indian government has made it mandatory for everyone to link Aadhaar with their bank account. Banks can ask users to do so by dialling a USSD code on their mobile phones.

· User can check the validity of any service provider’s Aadhaar card (including their house help, drivers, etc).

· For the welfare distribution schemes, the distributors can now verify the people claiming discounts/offers by asking them to verify their Aadhaar by dialling a short code from their mobile phone.

· U2opia Mobile is working along with corporates like Banks, Insurance, Service providers on solving for their specific industry needs.