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ZNetLive announces Acronis Backup Cloud to provide efficient backup

ZNetLive has announced an expansion of its product portfolio to include Acronis Backup Cloud. The new service delivers reliable hybrid cloud backup to businesses of all sizes, enabling them to completely and efficiently protect critical data in any environment.


Acronis Backup Cloud provides the most secure solution to fight the growing threat of ransomware. In addition to storing data in the cloud and out of the reach of hackers, the service includes Acronis Active Protection, a built-in anti-ransomware solution that –


· Leverages advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence-based technology to monitor systems in real time to actively detect an attack.

· Stops suspicious computer activities immediately to prevent unauthorized encryption, modification or alteration of files, applications, and systems.

· Notifies users of potential threats and automatically restores any files affected in an attack.


The real-time protection from Acronis Active Protection helps businesses avoid costly downtime, which otherwise would be required to recover from a ransomware attack. For this rollout, ZNetLive has partnered with KMI Business Technologies.


According to Munesh Jadoun, Founder & CEO, ZNetLive, “For any business, data is imminent for its survival. Data security is of utmost importance as no successful business can afford a minute of downtime. With organizations tasked to protect increasingly heterogeneous and complex environments spanning across physical, virtual and cloud systems, choosing the right data protection mechanism becomes a herculean task. Thus, we have rolled out the Acronis Backup Cloud solution – the most effective cloud backup that ensures business continuity by addressing all backup and recovery challenges of the enterprises across different infrastructures.”

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