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Zoook introduces “ZB-Solar Muse” Solar-Powered Speaker

Zoook has introduced India’s first-ever solar-powered waterproof speaker, the ZB-Solar Muse. A speaker like no other, this is a next-generation, one-of-a-kind innovation in India with an all-weather portable device designed to give users the best-ever 3D surround sound.


Looking to make summers all the more fun and users’ outdoor entertainment way better, Zoook’s ZB solar muse is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof. Not only does it have a 30-hour battery backup, but an integrated solar panel charges the lithium battery that keeps music going when users are out and about at a beach party or camping trip.


Shaped like a box, the speaker uses APT-X high-definition technology that provides original sound of exceptional quality. With detachable velcro straps, cyclists can easily strap the speakers on to their bikes to enjoy music on their excursions. Easy operation with a hybrid power users can wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth device (be it phones, MP3 players or music players). This handy speaker needs only 10 min of sunshine to give you 30 min of uninterrupted music. It is, indeed, time to enjoy life, share music and enjoy a good time together with Zoook’s ZB solar muse.


Speaking about the product launch, Achin Gupta, Asia Head, Zoook, said, “Zoook’s solar technology is affordable but highly competitive and its user-friendly module makes it all the more powerful in the Indian market today. This one-of-a-kind innovation is a class apart in itself. The ZB-SolarMuse is Zoook’s contribution to increasing solar technology compliance within the country.”


Currently priced at Rs.4,999, the solar-powered wireless outdoor speaker has some more exciting features such as a built-in flashlight and a microphone feature. A powerful LED display with a 5v/2A quick charge comes in a single colour. The ZB Solar muse has been made available at all leading online platforms and offline stores.