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eScan releases “Special Incentive Program” for Its Channel Partners



eScan has introduced “Special Incentive Program” for its channel partners and their sales team. The special incentive program has been designed to reward the channel partners and their sales persons for their contribution towards the growth of eScan products. The rewards range from travel vouchers to various gifts. The offer is valid for all the sales made from 1st January to 31st March, 2017.


The specially designed program is valid on purchase of eScan's products for Business and Corporate/Enterprise segments. eScan values its relationship with the channel partners and this scheme rewards their commitment for their contribution to make the company reach the end-users.


Sunil Kriplani, Senior Vice-President, Global Sales and Marketing, eScan, said, "The channel partners are an integral part our business and growth story. eScan aims at an ongoing relationship with them in the market and bring them more close to the company. Hence, we come out with offers in regular intervals to reward their efforts and to make them part of our growing family of channel partners. This offer is also our way of rewarding the partners and their sales team for their relentless efforts and contribution in our success."


Being a channel-oriented brand, eScan has always supported its partners with unique and exciting offers and has been rewarding them for their dedication and consistent efforts towards the brand. The incentives are valid for both new purchase and renewals. Partner needs to sign up the “Partnership Agreement” to qualify for the schemes. To qualify for the incentives, partners in India need to purchase eScan products directly from eScan- authorized distributors only in their respective states. The partners can claim the gifts upon submitting their purchase invoices from the respective authorized eScan Distributor or Sub- Distributor any time during the offer period. However, two claims cannot be made on the same purchase invoice. The gift vouchers are to be claimed by the partners and their sales persons.