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eScan smoothens tracking of lost mobile devices

Antivirus and content security solution provider, eScan has introduced a new Anti-theft feature in its tablet range and mobile security. This new feature enables complete protection to Tablet and mobile devices by preventing unauthorized access in the event the device is lost or stolen.
Govind Rammurthy, CEO & Managing Director, eScan, said, "The Anti-Theft feature will guarantee paramount safety for Android-based tablets and mobile phones by allowing users to accurately track and locate their lost/ stolen device. Also, with this newly added feature, it incorporates the preliminary specialized security solution which prevents malware, Trojans, and other evolving cyber threats. It also scans newly downloaded and installed applications."
Sunil Kripalani, Senior Vice-President - Global Sales & Marketing, eScan, said, "In case of lost or stolen device, users many a time lose their important data. Hence, this enhancement will protect their data in such unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, it will surely open a big window for us in terms of volume deals with telecom operators, ISPs and OEMs worldwide."
This feature is introduced to prevent the misuse of data as well as easily locate the stolen/lost Android device. The Anti-Theft feature includes "Wipe Data" which will enable users to remotely delete Call logs and SMSs from a mobile device that is either lost or stolen. By enabling Device Block feature, users can remotely restrict access to their mobile and tablet device.
The Locate Device feature will help track the location of the lost Tablet by making use of the devices built-in GPS finder.