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i7 Networks unveils New Versions of Enterprise Mobile Security

i7 Networks has announced the launch of beta version of security offering "PeregrineGuard" for enterprises. PeregrineGuard ensures monitoring BYODs (Bring Your Own Devices) in enterprise LANs and offers a complete security solution through a few steps executed seamlessly across wireless networks, without interfering with the user’s privacy.

Manjunath M. Gowda, CEO, i7 Networks, said, "Security is a major issue in today’s enterprises where employees like to bring their own device to work and use apps of their choice to be productive. PeregrineGuard offers the enterprise IT manager an easy and effective way of securing the network by providing several controls that help in discovering BYODs, maintaining inventory of devices in use in a network and applying highly granular access control. As it doesn’t require any change of infrastructure, it can be deployed and provisioned in a matter of minutes"

Mukund Mohan, CEO-in-residence of the Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure, said, "PeregrineGuard is unique as it offers a non-intrusive, agentless transparent security solution, which is superior and far more effective than one that requires an agent. By adopting this approach, i7 has addressed a very key issue - it has given equal importance to the privacy and convenience of the employee and the security of the enterprise."
This beta version of the product is currently being offered in two versions - PeregrineGuard Standard and PeregrineGuard Lite. The Standard version adds the policy enforcement module, whereas the Lite version provides various details about the device type, OS, version and much more including dynamic health check of the device hence monitoring the BYOD of the enterprises.