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InfoArmor appoints CHJ Technologies as Asia-Pacific Distributor



InfoArmor has entered into partnership with CHJ Technologies, a managed cybersecurity service provider based in Singapore, as an exclusive distributor in the Asia-Pacific region for the VigilanteATI Advanced Threat Intelligence Platform and Investigative Services.


CHJ Technologies enables organizations to discover IT assets, risks, and mitigate them in the cloud and/or on-premises. It specializes in protecting organizations of all sizes throughout Asia with a comprehensive suite of security services that monitors, detects, and protects organizations from the uncertainty of the cyber-world. The addition of VigilanteATI and InfoArmor's Investigative services complements CHJ Technologies's current offerings of DDoS protection, Website monitoring, malware intelligence and security awareness training.


"Our exclusive distributorship with InfoArmor will enable us to provide operatively-sourced threat intelligence and investigative services to Singapore and the entire Asia-Pacific region," said Linus Choo, Managing Director of CHJ Technologies. "InfoArmor delivers actionable true threat intelligence that will provide businesses and governments with preemptive and other valuable HUMINT to help protect them from the increasing threats from the Dark Web and mitigate exfiltrated data for sale in the underground economy."


As per the company, Asia-Pacific is the most targeted area of cyber-attacks and has created a burden within the region. The lack of operatively-sourced threat intelligence has enabled threat actors to infiltrate networks, launch successful ransomware attacks and exfiltrate data, especially within the banking and healthcare sectors.

"This is a mutually beneficial agreement between CHJ Technologies and InfoArmor," said Mike Kirschner, Sr Vice-President of Sales of InfoArmor Advanced Threat Intelligence Unit. "CHJ Technologies will be able to leverage their Asia-Pacific presence and provide unsurpassed threat intelligence to business and governments that can greatly benefit them in a region that is besieged by cyber threats. In addition, InfoArmor ATI is gaining global market share by extending its presence in the Asia-Pacific region in the fight against global cyber threats."


The VigilanteATI solution and investigative services are available immediately.