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By VARINDIA    2017-03-31

Lenovo partners with DataCore

Lenovo has entered into a new collaboration with DataCore, and it will integrate its industry-leading hardware with DataCore’s SANsymphony software in a new turnkey appliance – the Lenovo Storage DX8200D.


Working together, Lenovo and DataCore will deliver these capabilities in a pre-tested, pre-integrated platform designed for ease-of-deployment and faster time-to-value. This powerful new offering optimizes a clients’ heterogeneous storage infrastructures, and promises to deliver the highest level of performance, availability and utilization.


The Storage DX8200D is built on Lenovo’s System x3650 M5 server, which offers leadership reliability and performance. With Predictive Failure Analysis and a next-generation diagnostic panel to facilitate easy serviceability, the x3650 M5 server helps reduce downtime and costs. Other high availability features on the x3650 M5 include dual fan zones with redundant fans, as well as hot-swappable drives and power supplies. Lenovo Trusted Platform Assurance, a built-in set of security features and practices, protects the hardware and firmware.


Lenovo’s high-performing hardware combined with DataCore’s Parallel I/O Technology, can quickly handle read/write requests. It mirrors data in real time between separate storage systems to maintain continuous availability even through equipment and site outages. Extensive automation frees system administrators to focus on other parts of their infrastructure.


In addition, the software takes isolated storage devices, sometimes spread between different locations, and places them under one common set of enterprise-wide services. It pools their collective resources, managing them centrally and uniformly despite the differences and incompatibilities among manufacturers, models and generations of equipment. Squeezing the most value and functionality from diverse storage technologies, this new offering simplifies operations, reducing management time and cost.


DataCore customers report, data centers can realize a lower total cost of ownership, with a 90-per cent decrease in time spend on storage management and support tasks, up to a 75-per cent reduction in storage costs and up to 100-per cent reduction in storage-related downtime. With a 10-fold increase in performance, data centers also can realize higher availability of mission-critical data.


Finally, the appliance can centrally automate discovery, inventory tracking, real-time monitoring, configuration, fault detection, and alert handling over its lifecycle the DX8200D with Lenovo’s own XClarity software, a best-in-class enterprise management tool.


Technical assistance is available 24/7 with the DX8200D appliance, and features a single point of contact for both hardware and software questions from Lenovo’s support organization – which is consistently rated #1 for overall x86 server customer satisfaction.


“As an aggressive new player in this space, our cutting-edge SDS solution enables organizations to deploy their systems more quickly so they can reduce the time and resources required to manage their basic infrastructure. This, in turn, empowers our customers to focus on the business challenges of today, with a view to the future,” said Radhika Krishnan, Executive Director, Data Center Group, Lenovo. “This is in stark contrast to traditional storage offerings, from legacy vendors, which often-times require compromises in performance, availability, reliability and functionality – limiting the ability to scale and increasing CAPEX, power, cooling and footprint costs.”


“Lenovo’s powerful and reliable servers combined with DataCore’s parallel I/O processing software reset the standard for performance, cost-efficiency and seamless management across the diversity of storage and enterprise-class infrastructures,” said George Teixeira, president and CEO of DataCore Software. “The Lenovo DX8200D, powered by DataCore, makes it simple to not only get started with software-defined storage, but also to grow and future-proof one’s investments. This turnkey appliance deploys quickly and non-disruptively into any environment, delivering immediate savings and performance benefits.”