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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in some shape or form has become a relatively ubiquitous part of our world in the 21st century. In nearly every facet of...Read more..

Karen Ravindranath, Director, WebNMS - (IoT division of Zoho Corp) in a chat with VARINDIA explains what potential does WebNMS sees in the IoT space a...Read more..

There are at least two clear trends that show a demand-supply mismatch in tech jobs in cutting-edge IT fields such as Artificial Intelligence and Mach...Read more..

Due to the cybersecurity skills gap, many SMBs lack the resources and time to actively maintain a strong security posture across siloed network ecosys...Read more..

Indian market is one of the largest growing electronics Market in the World and ranks on 5th position globally. India currently has been growing at an...Read more..

By VARINDIA    2019-03-16

As part of my job leading the data-centric groups at Intel, I regularly meet with customers from across many different industries. They all face uniqu...Read more..

Malware is a key vector for data breaches. Research shows that 51% of data breaches include the usage of malware, whether for initial breach, expansio...Read more..

September 2014, Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the “Make in India” initiative - the 21st century version of the Swa...Read more..

As the role of a CIO continues to become more consultative and with a greater emphasis on working hand-in-hand with the CEO to drive business results,...Read more..